Jim W.

Around Christmas I decide I would undertake the preparing and cooking of a whole beef tenderloin.

This was a pretty big undertaking, as this is one expensive cut of beef. I didn’t want to mess it up, and I wasn’t really sure what I was doing.

So I researched the web and found several youtube clips on how to trim it up – and get it ready for cooking. But I didn’t see anything about seasoning it that caught my fancy.

I decided to “throw out a request for help” on the social network FaceBook. Rob Dixon got back to me and said he had “just the thing” for me. He was kind enough to meet me Christmas Eve day with my first and certainly not last bottle of DIXON FARM flavorings spice.

That evening the beef tenderloin was so good, the entire family loved the flavor.
Since then it is about the only spice I use. Couple of favorites are with Pork Tenderloin in the crock pot and Mini Slider Burgers on the grill.

Thanks again Rob for introducing me to Dixon Farm Spice.

Evan D.

We use this on just about everything we cook. Burgers, steaks, chicken, vegetables, you name it. It adds just the right flavor to almost every dish.


Love this on tilapia, pork, chicken and eggs. My favorite is using it on fish but it’s also good when my husband adds some to his jambalaya recipe. We will definitely buy more!


Purchased Dixon Farm Spice at Huntersville Farmers Market on Saturday. Love this spice. Put it on everything. Great on egg salad sandwich. Put it on salmon (also their sauce). Great stuff too. Hope you decide to market the sauce. Yummy. Cannot wait to go back again on Saturday to get the spice to give to a few friends.

David J.

We tried a batch of chicken on the grill, half with McCormick Seasoning for Chicken and the other half with Dixon Farm Flavorings. Dixon Farm Flavorings won the taste test hands down. A Blue Ribbon Win against a National Brand!

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