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We sold our 2500th bottle on September 20, 2016 to Ken Carlson, bee keeper from SC!

We are proud to announce that we sold our 1500th bottle of Dixon Farm Flavorings on August 22, 2015 to our long-time customer Kim Bradford!

First Bottle Sold Photo

First Bottle Sold

DFF in front of a volcano in Ecuador

Mary and Easton

DFF Family

DFF Steaks

DFF Mater and Mayo Sandwich

Burger and fries with DFF served at Stockyard Resturant

DFF Mom and Dad with DFF Display

DFF Mom and Dad with DFF Display

Kriston and Maddox

DFF is great on Veggies!

Chef Matt

Also great on your favorite steak

DFF off Pacific Coast in California

Add a little flavor to your popcorn!